16 September 2008

Emerging from the silence--sort of

Hi. I'm LeggomyEggo, bloomingwriter's horse. Bet you were wondering what the heck happened to her. Sudden silence after a burst of activity. No, she didn't run off to join a rock band. Or move to Missouri. (She did say that she's thinkin', though, if the Harperites get in here, and McCain gets in down in our beloved neighbour's country...she might have to head for Australia. Or Finland)

Enough about politics. It's not my strong suit. I prefer the arts, but there ain't no flies on me on most world affairs. Wait. There ARE flies on me. Just a minute here. Let me join my donkey in a fly removing roll.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, my human. She's still here. She's just sick. Been sick for almost two weeks. She had some sort of scope done to look inside her innards and while that didn't show one thing that the doctor was looking for, it set her off to have colic again. No, that's not what humans call it. It's got some long name like diverick-u-ouchis. Or something like that. She had to go to the vet anyway. No, that was the human hospital. My mistake. What do you expect, I'm a horse!

Anyway, she's still sick and she's really cranky (just ask her longsuffering spouse) and so I asked if she'd like me to do a blog post for a change. I had to get one of the cats to type for me, though. My hoofs don't work a keyboard so well. So here are some pictures of plants that are blooming around the garden. I'm going to try to remember what she told me, but she's sleeping again so we won't wake her. She gets even MORE cranky when she's woken up. Just ask the cats.

Much of the garden is still soggy and weed-ridden (and that's causing a cranky writer too) but there are still plenty of nice plants in bloom. I don't try to eat the garden. The donkey does, but she's dumb as a barrel of hair. Anyway, this is ice plants. I don't know why they're called that because they're not cold and they're not made of ice. But they are pretty.

This is called blue leadwort. I guess you can see why. She likes blue flowers. She likes me too, a lot. Oh, yes, the flowers. This is a ground cover, though it's not very big yet. Its leaves turn really pretty colours in autumn. Which is almost here. I should start growing my winter coat soon.

Bloomingwriter calls this a pincushion flower, but I don't see any pins sticking out of it. It's had lots of bees on it this summer, and some pretty butterflies. But no pins.

This is called hummingbird mint, and if I were a hummingbird I'd really, really like it myself, because it smells really good, like lemon and peppermints. I like peppermints a lot. Especially the pink ones. Oh. Right, the hummingbirds have left, probably before the big wind and rain event we had a few days ago. So it's just bees and so on that are visiting the flowers now.

Oh look, more blue flowers. This is a gentian, but I don't know which one it was, and when I asked bloomingwriter, she just went back in the house and back to bed looking grumpy. And the cats don't know how to do a google search. They're pretty crafty, but not that much yet.

And this is called sneezeweed, though it didn't make ME sneeze when I inspected it. There's a lot of it in bloom around the yard now, in different colours, reds, oranges, yellows, bronzes. I like this one best. Would look nice against my bridle, don't you think?

Well, this has been fun, but not as much fun as running around the pasture. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do just that for a while.

Bloomingwriter will be back soon!

(the above masterpiece was a collaboration between Leggo the horse and Mungus, Simon and Spunky, all of whom spend a great deal of time with their 'mother' especially when she's sick, and like to 'help' whenever possible.)


  1. So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well Jodi. I am glad to see Leggo and Jenny. Haven't seen them for awhile. Oh yes, and thank the cats for helping Leggo with the typing to keep us up to date. Get well...

  2. Well done, Leggo! Tell your Mom we hope she's feeling better very soon. And tell her her flowers are beautiful, as always. Behave yourselves!

  3. Leggo ... you are lucky to have a caring caretaker plus a beautiful pasture with vibrant flowers. Your life is good! Please look Jodi in the eye with heartfelt wishes from dear friends who miss her and wish her well (and rejoice that her pincushion flower doesn't have pins).

  4. Hi, LeggomyEggo, do you know Mr. Ed, the talking horse who was on TV a long, long time ago? You don't? Oh, well, you sort of remind me of him.

    You did a nice job with the post. Now tell Bloomingwriter to get well soon, get good and well, and not to worry about her blog. Sounds like you and the cats have that under control, sort of.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. Damn fine writing for a horse. Let your human know she's missed.

  6. Now I HAVE seen it all, a blogging horse and your a** rolling in the dirt! hahaha. That's the funniest post I've read all week.
    Hope you are better soon!

  7. Leggo is a great writer.

    Get well soon Jodi!

  8. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good, I hope it settles down soon.

    Loved the horsing around ... look forward to the human's return though.


  9. So nice to meet you LeggomyEggo, I hope your human is feeling better soon. Be sure to tell her that we bloggers sure to miss her out here in blogland.

  10. Leggo, you've got a new career ahead of you! Give your mama a big horsey hug (I know you guys are good at that) and tell her that we hope she feels better soon. Even without her daily care, the garden looks like it's thriving and beautiful.

  11. Hi Leggo, you are an exceptional animal, as are the typing cats! I do miss my dear friend and want her more than anything to feel better. Tell her for us that we are sending our very best and strongest get well thoughts through time and space to zap what ails her. We will patiently await her, or your return.


  12. A horse in politics, Leggo ? Most of them are just horses *!*!* Better start packing your saddle bags cause I think Australia's gonna be your next destination :- )

    Sorry to hear your caretaker's under the weather. Good thing she's got yours and our spirits with all those gorgeous flowers. Give her our best wishes for a quick recovery and stop that 'horsing ' around.

  13. Hi Jodi! Have you ever tried hypnosis for diverticulitis? I have a friend who's a hypnotist, and she maintains that it's one of the best treatments for this demoralizing affliction. I myself am a Reiki master and think a Reiki treatment would do you good as well. Good luck and God bless!

  14. Jodi - I'm so sorry you've not been well. I'd been checking in and wondering where you were.get well very soon - and give Leggo a carrot from me for writing such a nice post.

  15. Nice to meet you Leggo. You and the cats make a good blogging team!

    Please tell Jodi I'm thinking of her and hope she'll soon be feeling better.

  16. Leggo, thanks so much for reporting in for your owner. I wondered what was going on with her, but thought she was just doing some catching up after her trip to Kansas.

    I would tell you to give her a hug for me, but that's probably a bit difficult for a horse, so how about a nuzzle? And tell her it wouldn't be so bad with McCain - he's NOT Bush, in spite of what the media tells us.

    Oh wait, this isn't about politics, it's about jodi. GET WELL SOON, MY FRIEND!!!

    Oh, by the way...GORGEOUS flowers! :-)

  17. Hello Leggo, so nice to meet you. You and the cats are very talented writers, for non-humans. And very funny. Love that comment about the donkey being "dumb as a barrel of hair." Tell the cats to continue to take good care of Mama, OK? and when she feels like getting a nuzzle from you, why, give her one. Poor sick Mama.
    Her pictures are beautiful, as always.

  18. Thanks Lego. I like that cultivar of sneezeweed. Mine has melted out in the drier soil in the front. My ice plants never looked like that. I would say they bombed this year but that's okay.

    P.S. At least you don't live in Ottawa. I am into politics just not the prevailing one.

  19. I was worried that bloomingwriter was under the weather. Thanks Leggo for the update! And also for the wonderful photos of the flowers. Mungus, Simon and Spunky did a great typing job! Give your Mom lots of loves but don't wake her up to do it.

    Hugs and well wishes,

  20. When I first found my way to this blog months ago--it was one of the first gardening blogs I discovered when i was very new to blogging--I landed on a post about Leggo. I'm so glad to see him again! Hope you are back to good health soon Jodi.

  21. Hope you feel better soon, and I might have to go to Finland, too. LOL!

    Sorry to hear you are sick.

  22. Well done Leggo. Those crafty cats have nothing on you. Tell Jodi to feel better soon-I know how grumpy one can get when an illness is long lasting. Also suggest to Jenny that she eat the weeds in the garden instead of the flowers if she wants to get in good with Jodi.

  23. Sorry to hear that Jodi is feeling poorly. :-( Hope she's feeling better soon! Thank goodness she has a horse that knows how to get online and tell everybody how she's doing ;-)

  24. Sorry you are under the weather or whatever. You'll get better quickly at least most do who have 'tic-itis' Doc have all sorts of lingo.

    The red flowers look like a coreopsis but I'm not an authority.

    The menagerie filled in well.
    Take care
    Matt Cohen,MD Zen of Watering

  25. How nice of the kids to help mom when she's sick. Get well soon, Jodi! Kudos to Leggo, Mungus, Simon and Spunky. You guys rock.

  26. Get well soon, I almost know how painful and icky that is. I don't have the problem, but Husband/Best Friend/Chief Photographer does, and I have lived with him for almost 52 years. :)

  27. Jodi, I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I do hope that you are back in the saddle soon!

  28. A horse is a horse of course, of course but you are NOT Mr. Ed! Smart though and a very good fill in although we do miss your human. Tell her to come out into the sunshine a bit and that we miss her. We will all protect her from the mantis! Still LOL at that story.

  29. I don't blog myself, but I read your blog often. Your posts are warm and friendly, so I would like to leave a warm and friendly message: Get well soon!

    You horse is quite the talented blogger, with a great sense of humour!

    Joanne in Hatchet Lake

  30. Leggo, You have written an excellent post--beautiful photos and good job at identifying all those plants. Glad the cats were willing to type for you; my Toby knows his way around the computer, too.

    Please tell Bloomingwriter that I do hope she is feeling better soon. I was afraid that was the case when she hadn't posted for a while. Diverticulitis is no fun; I hope you all help her out and let her have some much needed rest so she can get back out in the garden soon.

  31. Leggo, you have excellent horse-sense to let your human rest while she recuperates. I hope she's better soon. Meantime, maybe all those pretty flowers will cheer her up.

  32. Hey Leggo I think you have found your calling as a blogger! Hope your mom is feeling netter soon!!
    Carol in Mass.

  33. Hi Leggo! Nice job you and your companions did here. Hope bloomingwriter's recovering (or already recovered) soon. Get her working back up, you guys, coz I just now visited her blog first time and I started loving it. Convey my regards to her

  34. Hi - I hope you get well soon and well done for being shortlisted in the Blotanical awards.
    Enjoyed the stand in bloggers!

  35. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope you're back feeling like your old self and are able to garden and write again soon.

  36. Jodi, how nice to have such a beautiful horse to keep you company when you are not well, hope you're better now and you know sometimes it can help to get right down there in the dirt with your four legged friends and roll the flies off.....

  37. So sorry you're sick! But this post.. hilarious! Sick AND funny -- amazing! :-)
    ~Angela :-)


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