04 May 2011

April Showers did bring May blooms for not-wordless-Wednesday

Although the weather in Nova Scotia continues somewhat cool, cloudy, wet, and definitely sluggish, our gardens and our plants will NOT be denied, will they? It's been a hectic week, and being away for a few days really brought home the changes when I got back Sunday after Saltscapes Expo. Then we had an election, and while that was good for my riding with the return of my excellent MP, Scott Brison...I worry about my country. That's all I'm going to say about that!

The garden, however, has been gratifying in its enthusiasm to get growing--even though some parts are very much ahead of me and I don't know when I'll ever get caught up. We can almost see things growing, like these tiny windflowers (anemone).
Although I can't remember the name of this Pieris variety, for me, it's now 'Dick Steele'. My late friend Captain Dick Steele gave me this shrub some years ago, and whenever I look at it I think of him.
The delicate flowers of Brunnera don't last nearly as long as I would like them to. They're even more delicate than forget-me-nots, but unlike Myosotis, the foliage is very attractive. This variety is 'Jack Frost', a personal favourite.
I was almost absurdly delighted to discover the first of the tulips in bloom yesterday morning. I believe this is a Greigii tulip but I don't remember which one.
Pulmonaria 'Red Start' continues to flower like crazy, reminding me that I promised to divide a piece to share with a friend. I must get some bales of potting mixture so I can get some potting up done. The list of to-dos keeps growing...
I've had this Pulsatilla, or prairie crocus, for many years. This year I've also added the purple one, but I haven't gotten a good photo of it yet. Maybe today, if the sun stays out. :-)
There's still plenty to anticipate, of course. As the days get warmer and the sun puts in actual appearances, there are new delights to savour each day. There's the wonder of rediscovering plants--"oh, you made it through, Anemone 'Vestal'. Oh, THERE you are, Viburnum 'Onondaga'!" (Yes, I really did misplace a shrub I'd planted, only because things grew so lush around it it was all but buried in lilies, ligularia, monarda and more.)

Before I wrap up today's post and get out in the garden, a couple of things--first, thanks to all who came out to the Saltscapes Expo this weekend, said hello, swapped stories, visited for a while.

Second, my apologies to my fellow bloggers, but I've been so run off my feet with work and book commitments that I've had next to no time to do any blog-reading, which I will rectify shortly.

Thirdly, thanks to all who continue to purchase and enjoy Plants for Atlantic Gardens. Your enjoyment of the book means the world to me--after all, that's why I wrote it, to help out other gardeners!--and your making it a regional bestseller in bookstores and on Amazon means more than you can ever know. Bouquets of gratitude to all. :-)


  1. Hey Jodi - would Rob have the Red Start pulmonaria? My neighbour has the pink/purple one. Need to one up them!! LOL!
    Great blog today!! Makes me happy spring has finally unwrapping herself from her winter coat! Great to see you at Saltscapes!

  2. Hi Jodi. The Red Start Pulmonaria has such pretty blooms. I will have to look for that one for the shade garden. I love the Pusatilla. Mine are finishing up now. I have never saw them called prairie crocus before. I hope I can remember that now.LOL! The memory is going fast. Your Pieris is just gorgeous.

  3. Hi Jodi!

    Where is Baldwin Nursery with the Pink Lady Slippers for sale?

  4. Anonymous: Ever hear of Google? Or look at the sidebar with the listings for Nova Scotian nurseries, here to the left of my posts: Baldwin's is near the top.

  5. We know you can't do "wordless" wednesday. Good to hear you had a good time at the expo. Isn't spring just the most amazing time o fyear.?

  6. That's a lovely anemone! L

  7. Jodi, you have spring!!!!

    Way to go, and congrats.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. Little notes like the 'Dick Steele' pieris story are such a pleasure to read.

  9. Jodi, I am only now just coming out of my funk over the election results. Happily, Peter Stoffer (NDP) got re-elected here, but I fear very much where our governments priorities will lie in the next four years.

    Gazing at your flower images cheer me up a lot. If the rain ever stops I'll go out for some garden digging therapy.

  10. I have tried growing Brunnera several times in my garden in Dartmouth and it never comes back...what am I doing wrong?

  11. Gorgeous blooms, Jodi! Spring has sprung for you!!

  12. Looking at your garden gives me hope that in coming years I'll have some earlier blooms in my yard. Only the siberian squill have opened here and I'm desperate for more flowers!

  13. All sorts of things which are over here - especially as our weather seems to have missed out spring and leaped straight to June several weeks ago!

    It makes me think one could follow one's favourite season round the world all year by choosing the right latitudes as one went.


  14. Your flowers are all made more awesome by your photos, but that Pieres something is really excellent. About bookwriting, i hope something like that arise also in this country. If only i am a writer, hehehe! And i smiled at your comment to anonymous, love it!

  15. Your flowers are all made more awesome by your photos, but that Pieres something is really excellent. About bookwriting, i hope something like that arise also in this country. If only i am a writer, hehehe! And i smiled at your comment to anonymous, love it!

  16. Congrats to the success of your book. Love the Pulsatilla blossoms.

  17. Not bad going; we've just had our first rain for months, so I'm looking forward to a profusion of weeds!

  18. hello Jodi, I ordered your book and then Amazon said it would be 3-6 weeks before delivery making it late May/early June :o( but last weekend they e mailed to say it could be sooner and then e mailed Monday to say it's sent, :o) it arrived yesterday (Friday) afternoon and I am sooo loving it, thanks, several of the new plants I've just bought are in it including 2 previously unknown to me Vernonia and Cephalaria,
    I smiled when I read the introduction about your imagined garden there are some parallels, this is my first real garden, weather conditions and soil I'd never encountered before and I'm a novice gardener! so don't have your wealth of knowledge, it's a steep learning curve,
    thanks sharing your knowledge, Frances

  19. Jodi, isn't it wonderful to have spring in the garden once more? I think of you when I see the redwings :)
    You've been a busy girl!
    That Hellebore is exquisite. I'm so excited to now know the color of my 4 year-old Hellebore - pink, with a green tinge. It's beautiful!
    Your early blooms are precious gifts, I know.
    Tulips have joined the daffys here, and the color in the garden is so gratifying.
    Enjoy the spring and may you find enough hours each day to catch up with the garden's rapid growth.

  20. Jodi, It’s another wonderful rainy Spring day, so I’m taking time to look over the Blogs I follow. Wanted to see what you have been up to. Our April showers are now May showers! Your plants look great. I have a few now showing. I am sure many more by the end of the month!!! You might feel right at home here today and tomorrow. The winds are really strong, warning out for driving, etc. Almost like the Bay of Fundy! Jack


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