20 February 2011

Green flowers give me hope for spring...eventually.

Arghhhhhhhh!  As this winter of unending snow continues to bring still MORE snow to us beleaguered Nova Scotians, we cope in different ways, don't we? Some flee to warmer climates for a few days or weeks of sunlight, beaches, but I'm not wired that way. I need sunlight and green, yes, but not traffic and travel headaches.
I was in the city the other day to pick up a couple boxes of my new book to sell at various locales, and took a copy in to my friend, florist par excellence Neville MacKay of My Mother's Bloomers. He, in return, had made up a bouquet for me to celebrate this new arrival. Of green flowers, which are one of my favourite delights, indoors and out.

This is a green form of Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus), also sometimes known by the same name as a similar plant, 'kiss me over the garden gate"(which is actually a Persicaria). The flowers have a delicate 'green' fragrance, reminiscent of new mown grass. They cascade in a fountain of flower sprays, so I had to put the vase up high, lest little cats get too curious.
I've grown Bells of Ireland, Mollucella laevis, in my garden, because I love the brilliant green bracts--the flower is a small white heart surrounded by the 'bell'. These flowers have a fresh scent reminiscent of a mild mint, and look beautiful by themselves or with flowers of similar or contrasting colours.
The green spider chrysanthemums look like an outburst of happy green fireworks to me. They catch the winter sunlight (when we have some, which we haven't since Thursday) and absolutely glow with emerald brilliance.
No, this isn't a part of the bouquet, but my paphiopedilum 'Limerick x Hillsvale x Cherokee' is still blooming beautifully, so I had to include it in this ode to greenness. There's another flower bud forming in the plant's cluster, so I'll have that to look forward to when this one is finished.
The weather cleared long enough the other night for the full moon to put in an appearance, through the maples in the front yard. For some inscrutable reason, full moons make me think that spring will come...probably because each time we see one, we're that much further into the year and yes, the greens of spring WILL find us again.

Many of us in other parts of North America are moving out of winter and into garden cleanup, winter sowing, indoor seeding, etc, but for the rest of us...how do YOU cope with this seemingly endless barrage of weather?


  1. I thought we too were on the move to Spring, but alas the snow returned yesterday. You and I have a common love in these green flowers. I so covet your Limerick Paph. Mine is yellow and I have yet to find a green one. I will keep the name Limerick x Hillsvale x Cherokee handy in case I need to find one to ship in.

  2. hello, love the green flowers, happy to say we have no snow over here in southern england and everything is starting to bud and bounce with the odd day of delirious spring sunshine, the birds are beginning to sing of love...hope your snow clears soon...

  3. gorgeous green plants...like Donna we are still getting cold and snow...well I will have to just like it...Jodi thx for the lovely post...and it was a fabulous full moon that we were able to see until the snow arrived...

  4. The green spider chrysanthemums are stunning...as are the Bells of Ireland and Love Lies Bleeding. I grew this green one successfully only one year and it was a "show stopper". Beautiful to see it's magical tassels hanging heavily in your photo Jodi.

    Great write up in the Nova Scotian today, by the way...look forward to buying the book soon. Congratulations.

  5. Thank you for this "new mown grass", "minty", "happy green" post, Jodi! For the winter weary, it's like a breath of spring itself. Full moons are always magical and in it's light, I've long believed anything is possible. Gorgeous shot!

    Your book, by the way, has provided this gal with a wonderful spring tonic throughout these end-of-winter days. I'm formulating a review. :)

  6. I'm so done with this snow. I moved so far to garden here and I want to garden now!

  7. Dear Jodi, Yes, I very much share your love of green plants and the bouquet you show here is definitely a winner! How thoughful of your florist friend to create such an unusual and dramatic arrangement for you. I should certainly have been thrilled.

    And, how exciting to have been collecting boxes of your own book. What a joy to see yourself in print after what must have been an incredible amount of hard work. I shall certainly be seeking your book out!

  8. Jodi, Lovely post! I love those flowers and have fun using the Amaranthus and Bells in arrangements for events. As for getting through the winter months, I confess that the bird series I have been working on has made the time fly. Painting too keep me surrounded by colorful landscapes. Beautiful photos . . . the greens are wonderful all light filled. Love your paph and chilling moon with poem too.

  9. Fortunately I do not have to cope with the kind of weather you do . . . but my eye is caught in admiration of the green Love Lies Bleeding, it is so elegant! (I have only seen the purpley-red version before.)


  10. This weather is leaving a lot to be desired doesn't it?! After I dug yet another snowy path to the compost today I went inside and re-potted some indoor plants. Even just trimming up a couple plants helps me to remember that spring will soon be here.

  11. Jodi, what a beautiful green bouquet! You can call me a black sheep (in Russia, it would be a white crow), but I went to white Mt.Bachelor, Oregon to ski for 3 days. At home, in Washington state, we have green grass and grey sky. Here, they have snow and blue sky. After this, I'll be ready for spring! I also will order your book upon my return. Can't wait!

  12. Jodi,

    I wish I could send you some of our weather to enjoy! Of course we pay for our extra long growing season with the excruciating heat of August. I guess it all balances out when the good and the bad is all tallied up. Very nice flowers!

  13. Hi Jodi, congratulations again for your book. Those green flowers are mostly from palms, aren't they? We have lots of palms but ours seem to produce more yellowish than green flowers, green flowers are awesome!

  14. Gorgeous, I love green flowers. I had no idea there was a green amaranthus. Such lovely pictures. :)

  15. I'm a green flower lover, too! I especially love the Bells of Ireland, though I've had minimal success growing them. I'm going to try again this year. The green Love Lies Bleeding is beautiful as well! I didn't even know it came in green.

    Congratulations again on your book, Jodi! I plan to have my review up shortly! As usual, I'm impressed and know others will be, too. So helpful and well-written, as expected. :-)

  16. Gorgeous. It is the longest February on record....


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