12 December 2010

Some non-Christmassy Christmas blooms

Tis the season to show pretty pictures of poinsettias, Christmas cacti, and other holiday-related plants. I'm no exception, as I love all of these and have a number of them blooming their little hearts off here in the house right now. But on this sundrenched December day, I thought we'd celebrate some of the other blooms of this season. They're not necessarily Christmas plants; they're just a feast of colour for the winter-weary eyes (this, even before winter is truly here).

Leading the pack is my blue leadwort, or plumbago. This is the first time this particular plant has bloomed indoors for me, and the secret has been to put it in the kitchen window, over the sink, where I can water it the moment it gets thirsty, and where no bad kitties will try to eat it. There is something about plumbago that some of the kitties find quite irresistible, and it's not the colour of the lovely blossoms.

My gardening- and blogging buddy Joey and I share a deep and abiding love for cyclamen, for the foliage as much as for the flowers. While I never saw a cyclamen with flowers I didn't love, I bought this particular plant purely for its gorgeous, gorgous foliage. Cyclamen like a cooler temperature than many houseplants, so they do well in my office, which isn't the warmest room in the house.

Another plant that does brilliantly for me is Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids. Currently, there are five of them in bloom in my house, and the others are resting or preparing to bloom again. This is one of my favourites, because I find green flowers absolutely mesmerizing.

Yes, I know paperwhites are considered Christmas plants by many. I have several pots of them that are a long way from flowering yet, as I try to stagger their blooming as much as possible. I love the cool whiteness of their blooms, and unlike many people, I don't find the fragrance unpleasant if the container is in a large room.

Another of the phalaenopsis blooming in my office--thhis valiant plant has been in bloom for months and months, close to a year actually, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. I must be doing something right!

Okay, I know...we're definitely into the Christmas plants category now with amaryllis. But I'm very excited about two amaryllis I got this year from GardenImport. This is 'Cupido', one of the Sonatini varieties, which are smaller-bulbed, as well as having smaller flowers and stems. I'm expecting to have blooms by tomorrow-and all of my bulbs have at least two flowering stems, which is going to make for a long, happy blooming season.

Other amaryllis such as this 'Red Lion' are also preparing to show off before Christmas for me, but they're going to be very welcome. Anything to help cheer the gardener's soul while we prepare to get ourselves through the winter months.

What non-Christmassy plants are blooming at your house? We can pretend it's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day now. Carol won't mind. Honest she won't.


  1. You have a lovely selection of non-Christmas plants in bloom along with some Christmassy ones. Nothing in bloom at my house. The Christmas Cactus is slow this year.

  2. Dear Jodi, I am most impressed at your splendidly healthy houseplants. They are all blooming at the peak of perfection and are indeed a cheery sight at this most bleak time of year. As for me, I do not own a single houseplant since they are all DOA {Dead on Arrival] at my house!

  3. Love you indoor selection. Most cyclamen in my collection are there not only for their beauty but mainly for their delicious scent. In fact I buy most of my plants by nose, indoors and out.

    You certainly are doing something right with your long flowering Phaleanopsis, most growers here find it a bit of a challenge.

  4. Love the beautiful pictures! The last one looks like the flower is reaching for the dragonfly!

  5. Your green orchid is beautiful. I too love green flowers and I will have to locate this one. All my orchids are resting now, so a new one would brighten these gloomy Niagara Falls days.

  6. Love all your flowers especially your cyclamen and paperwhites! My phalaenopsis is also blooming and they really can last very long..

  7. i'm finding a refuge in lovely flowers like the ones you posted from the over-done feel of the holidays! so simple and fresh! thanks!

  8. Congratulations as your plants ar not suffering from snow! Your orchids especially the greenish one is really a prize. I laughed at Edith HOpe's comment above that hers were all DOA. Am sorry for that Edith.

  9. Oh, what beautiful, elegant blooms, Jodi! Your cyclamen is stunning! I got two first papaerwhites' blooms, tiny but so fragnant!

  10. Amaryllis is not thought to be that Christmassy over here. Paperwhites are what I love in my livingroom & conservatory too and not just with Christmas. Lovely post Jodi, it's good to see your home is in full bloom.

  11. Oh those are some great colours I haven't seen in a while! You are right, they are still quite Christmas-y.

  12. Your indoor plants look so healthy and beautiful - I think I may have said before that I am rubbish with house plants, (sigh) - but seeing yours I am so tempted to try again

  13. those lovely flower is so stunning., i never seen that before..


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