10 September 2010

Skywatch Friday: Stormy Waters, Sunflower Skies

I am almost fashionably late with my Skywatch Friday post, but since I popped up for air from working and started reading other blogs, I realized what day it was!

As you know from other posts, including my previous one, Hurricane Earl was pretty much a non-event in my part of the world. We did get some rain, and some wind, and it did make for a few good waves on both the Atlantic and Fundy coasts of Nova Scotia. This is a scene at Halls Harbour, a few miles down the coast from me.
As a nice juxtaposition from that bombastic weather, some blissfully smiling sunflowers that I saw today while visiting a local home for special care. The people who own that facility have huge gardens all around the grounds, and they are well cared for and interesting--and much appreciated by both the residents and those who visit loved ones there. A sunflower to me is always a cause for smiling, and these basking under blue skies made me that much happier.


  1. Stunning photos, jodi. Where did summer go? Happily, I see it in the face of the sunflowers.

  2. Lovely photos! The fall sky is so BLUE.

  3. Dear Jodi, I am always as fascinated by the seascapes on your postings as the skywatching. Your coastline is indeed remarkable.

    Sunflowers are going over here now in Hungary but I have enjoyed looking at fields stretching as far as the eye can see filled with brightly golden smiling faces. I have no idea why the Hungarians are so naturally pessimistic!!

  4. I hadn't realised you took part in Skywatch. I don't often, but I did too this week. The story behind your skies, your need to watch the weather in ways I never have to, put a different perspective on the differences.


  5. Hi Jodi, I am glad for you and so many others that Earl turned more to sea... those waves look great though... a nice gift too. Sunflowers do always make me happy as well... it is wonderful to have gardens around a home for special care and what better late summer flower to offer cheer. Hope your book project is going well. ;>)

  6. Jodi, Your part of the garden is beautiful and those sunflowers~ they just make me smile and immediately feel happy! gail

  7. Jodi, I love the title of this post! Nature's contrasts are beautifully exemplified here. Pam

  8. Glad to hear that you were passed by, that's good news.

    Lovely sunflowers.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Hi, Jodi;
    Thrilled to know that Earl was a non-event, though big wave days at the ocean are always a joy to behold. Those sunnies brought a much-needed smile to my face.

  10. Beautiful seascape shot. When I lived in Warren, Rhode Island, I would shoot water shots often. I do miss the ocean breeze. Nice to see these images.

  11. Hello from the West Coast, I'm delighted to have come across your blog! I'm excited to follow your adventures ~ cheers, Jenni 'Rainy Day Gardener'

  12. Do you know, I actually shivered when I looked at the photo of the sea hitting the rocks at Hall's Harbour.... burrrrr..

    however..the sunflower shot soon warmed me up...great photos!

  13. What good looking sunflowers! It's nice that a care home like that has such an extensive garden. They bring a smile to your face!


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