20 May 2008

Off Topic, Unpaid, Unpolitical Announcement

I rarely go offtopic from gardening, at least not too far. But right now, I'm gonna do so.

The image above is is Eta Carinae, said to be one of the most bright and massive stars in the sky--and due to go supernova one of these days in the future.

This is a rising star about to go very big too. I've watched David Cook on American Idol All. Season. Long. I don't DO reality shows. Normally I watch the tryouts for the sheer delight of the weirdness and of Simon's sardonic wit. This year, I got hooked by several of the performers, and this guy with the Les Paul guitar has excited me like no musician since, oh, I dunno...Bono of U2, I think. I started rooting for him in earnest in Top 20 week, and have been fascinated and excited for him ever since.

Because I believe in talented young people blazing their way through hard work into success. And this guy has paid his dues. He also appears to be a screamingly nice guy, with a good stage presence, 'easy on the eyes', as even producer Nigel Lythgoe has acknowledged, and oh yeah, he's a Word Nerd. Gotta love smart musicians.

Anyway. Tonight is the final two showdown. And everyone who likes this guy HAS got to vote. Because he's the most talented of the two, though they both have their merits. NO slight to DA, but it's not his time yet.

I believe in people who deserve to come first, coming first. And David Cook deserves to get the boost that being the American Idol will give him. So, like the saying goes, folks...vote early, vote often. (People get more than one vote with this, unlike with elections.)

And hopefully, tomorrow night you'll see David Cook win.

I say you...because i'll be at another Idol's performance. Bob Dylan is in Halifax tomorrow night and I have a date with my son and some friends to see him.

Can someone text me the results, please? I can't wait til 2 am to find out! :-)


  1. Dear girlfriend, Jodi ... arrived home too late from the hospital tonight so missed 'the Davids' on Idol but crazy 'bout Bob Dylan (especially old & new) and saw him when last in town (gift from my children). Do hope you are not disappointed. I was a teeny-tiny bit ;(

    Regardless, if you have a date with your son, the night will be wonderful!

  2. Both David's are talented but David Cook just shines above the rest, as your supernova photo suggests.

    I always find it sad that systems that should reward merit are hijacked and become either popularity contests or ways for people to push some political/religious view. People and their work should be judged on their merits and sadly that never happens. (That and the fact that most American Idols are chosen by fast-texting 11-year-old girls makes the whole system suspect.)

    The important thing, like with Chris Daltrey, is that whether he wins or loses, David Cook now has the exposure to launch his career. The real winner will be the guy still in the spotlight ten years from now.

  3. Jodi, I'm a little worried about who will win tonight; the judges really liked the other David last night. But I agree with MSS: David Cook is sure to have a great career, even if he doesn't win it all. After all, I don't even know who won the year Jennifer Hudson came in 2nd or 3rd.
    Interesting that you compared DC to Bono; loved his first song last night!
    Have fun at the Dylan concert tonight.

  4. Hi jodi;

    David Cook should win, but he won't, or I'll be very surprised. Idol stops being a singing contest when the top ten or twelve are picked, and it becomes a popularity contest. And after all, Ryan Seacrest, after every song, exhorts the viewing public to "vote for your favourite", does he not? Does he ever say vote for the best? And really, if DC wins second, he'll be beating the recording contracts off with a stick. He'll have his pick of the best the industry has to offer. I hope he takes his cue from Chris Daughtry, who wasted no time getting his voice onto the airways after that Idol season finished.

    I hear you re: Ben Mulroney on Canadian Idol. But isn't that what the mute button is for on your remote? - chris down river in stewiacke

  5. I agree that David Cook should win this, hands down. But the judges really went for the kid last night. I don't see it - the kid I mean. He's good and all but he has not paid his dues like David. Cook used to work in Tulsa tending bar and playing gigs. He really does deserve this. Won't know who wins until tonight. Keeping my tired texting fingers crossed.




    Okay, now I gotta go home and watch it (thank gawd for laptops and wireless hotspots....)

  7. I was going to tell you David Cook WON...but I see you already know.
    I really thought David A. was going to win; I'm so excited. Hope you taped or Tivo'd the show; it was awesome. ZZ Top was my older son's favorite group; DC rocked with them!

  8. Now see...I think David A. has the better voice, but David C.'s style of music and mature stage presence trumped that. I would have been happy if either had won, based on their talent. They're very different types of performers. Both will have recording contracts. I didn't know about the David A. thing.
    By now, you've seen the performances of last night. I missed the first 45 minutes of it, but caught Brooke's duet with Graham Nash on "Teach Your Children." LOVED IT!
    Anyway, congrats to David Cook!


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