11 January 2006

Why we blog...or plant seeds

Words are a lot like seeds from flowers, grasses or trees. They get cast out onto the winds, or in this case, the Web, and we never know where they will end up or how they will fare. Some may tumble onto fallow ground, in which case they fail to germinate. Others land on fertile, prepared land, where they may flourish and bloom. Of course, not every word or every seed planted will prove to be a stunning rose. Some may be weeds. But that's one of the reasons that I connect gardening to writing, and writing to gardening. Both are facets of who I am, not something I just do. And while not every sentence I write is a rose of perfection, hopefully there aren't too many weeds.

so I'm starting this blog for several reasons. One, to share thoughts about the gardening and natural world around me, and to perhaps extend conversations that get started in some of my writing features and columns. Because if there is one thing I learned very early on about gardeners, they are among the most thoughtful and generous people in the world. We swap seeds, plants, cuttings, information, suggestions, support. I get paid to write about gardening, it's true. But I receive so much from other people's knowledge, enthusiasm, and skills, that this seems a small way of saying thank you to fellow gardeners, whether backyard enthusiasts like myself or professional landscapers, nursery operators, and plant enthusiasts.


  1. Let me be the first to comment and say 'welcome' to the blogosphere, Jodi!
    It's great to have your green thumb at hand, especially during dreary winter days.

    I'm looking forward to your posts.

    PS thanks for the link :-)
    I'll be sure to add blooming writer to my blog roll the next time I update my blog.

  2. Thanks, ami, for your warm welcome. It was your wise words that pushed me to finally 'just do it.' Now, of course, I'll get to do some actual writing for fun (as opposed to for deadlines, even though they are also fun) and stretch the right side of my brain a bit more.

    We could consider this as a sort of sharing of women's wisdom for the 21st century; along with remedies, recipes and other wisdoms, the merits and marvels of blogs. Gotta love it.

    cheers, jodi


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