06 May 2012

Rarities and Radio Shows

We're already well into May and there's been little time for posting. That's because this is the busy season for garden speakers, gardeners, and just normal life-living. I've been grateful to be so occupied with various events, including the Saltscapes Expo last weekend and this weekend's native plant sale at Acadia's Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, plus appearing on Niki Jabbour's radio show, The Weekend Gardener. Still, I did get a little weepy when I noticed Lowell's trilliums are coming into bloom. I sure hope he can enjoy them, too. 

 Before the big rush of blooms comes along, I like to enjoy each and every new discovery every day. Today I got to enjoy hellebores, such as 'Black Diamond' (not yet planted)...
 And some petite glory of the snow blooms popping up beside one of the fiery-foliaged heathers.
 This double-flowered hellebore is especially gorgeous, but I have to confess I don't know which one it is. It's possibly one of the seedlings that Frances from Faire Garden sent me several years ago.
 I'm loving the appearances in the alpine garden right now. This tiny fritillaria (F. uva-vulpis, the Fox's grape)popped up surrounded by Labrador violets, and with a host of saxifrage in the foreground.

 Here's that saxifrage a little clearer. These should be blooming in a few days. This is one of the mossy saxifrages, which often have good winter colour, depending on the snow cover and how cold and wet it gets, of course.
I have a number of pulmonaria species and cultivars, and some of them seem inclined to cross-pollinate and develop new appearances. I'm fairly certain that this is still P. 'Mrs Moon', based on the pale blue colour of the flowers, the pastel pink buds, and the exuberantly silver-spangled foliage. 

Speaking of blue flowers, let me remind everyone that next Saturday afternoon will be the annual Rare and Unusual Plant Sale in Annapolis Royal. Timed to coincide with the annual Celebration of Magnolias in this historic town, the sale happens at the Annapolis Royal Farmers Market, across from the wharf in the downtown, 1-4 pm. 

A number of plant collectors and nurseries will be offering their plants for sale, including Baldwin Nurseries, Bunchberry Nurseries, Lilies from the Valley, Ouestville Perennials, and more! Who knows, you might find a 'Rhododendron Nancy Steele' there...
 ...as well as any number of hellebores,

And highly desirable, unique forms of familiar plants such as this Trillium recurvatum, with its splendid mottled foliage.
I will be there on behalf of Baldwin's and Lilies from the Valley, selling their products, and hopefully with some Seaboost liquid seaweed fertilizer as well. It promises to be a great afternoon, rain or shine, so we look forward to seeing you there!


  1. You have been very busy lately! I hope you've been able to enjoy the activities you've been busy with. Lowell's Trillium is just magnificent. What a colour! Your little discoveries are just gorgeous. The Snow Blooms paired with the Heather is a beautiful combination. Those tiny Fritillaria are beautiful too, and I just love your Nancy Steele.

  2. Thanks for posting these shots of lovely and unusual stuff - just the stuff I like. That Trillium recurvatum looks great - I have something that looks like that. I'll have to find the tag! I am looking forward to the plant sale in Annapolis, have never been to it before.

  3. What a bitter sweet thing for you to see that Trillium blooming.

    I hope being in your garden brings you comfort as you grieve for Lowell.

    All the best, Sybil

  4. I love looking at the flowers you feature...the trillium are a particular fav!

  5. Yes you've been so busy, am amazed you still have time for blogging. Your plants are so uncommon, maybe even in your part of the world. Do they also belong to the unusual. Of course we dont have any one of them here in the tropics.

  6. I love looking at the flowers you feature...the trillium are a particular..
    Thank you for post..


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