18 March 2011

Blooming Friday: False Starts

Although I wrote in my last post that we have flower buds in the garden and the snow is nearly gone, we aren't going to bask in complacency just yet. It's still Farch in Nova Scotia, and one thing our weather is known for is its treachery. When this photo was taken, it had been a lovely sunny day til mid-afternoon, and by near-suppertime it was snowing fiercely.

How do we maintain a springlike heart when the weather plays tricks on us? We do it by celebrating with what Katarina of Roses and Stuff calls 'False Starts': forcing or coaxing spring to come a little bit earlier by bringing twigs of springflowering shrubs indoors to entice early bloom...
Or by forcing pots of bulbs such as tulips into flower. Either of these little twists will bring a lilt into our hearts as we wait for spring to really find us.

Please join Katarina's blooming lovely Friday meme, Blooming Friday, where this week "False Starts" is the theme. Thanks to Katarina for hosting this meme, which is perfect for overworked writers like me who haven't had a lot of time lately to blog!
The events around my book's release have been going very well, with wonderful warm receptions by those who come out to the talks, signings, etc. I've updated the list of upcoming events on my book page, and if you're looking to have me come to speak to your club, do a book sale, a book signing at your bookstore, or other event, please email me for details. And thank you to all who are supporting me by writing reviews, purchasing the book, coming to say hello, and just being wonderfully friendly, helpful people--we couldn't do what we do, we writers, without you!


  1. Take heart, the end is near, Jodi. Farch will soon be only a dream/nightmare :)

  2. Spring is making an effort to appear here in Picadilly, NB. Most of the winter's deluge of snow left in a huff of wind and the warmer downpours we've had of late.

    But as you said, the weather in the Maritimes if fickle at best so I'm not packing in the winter boots and toques just yet.

    Meanwhile, armed with your book, I'm sketching and planning and figuring what I think might work - or not - to turn my barren yard into a little oasis of peace and tranquility.

  3. Your vingnette looks so pretty. An inspiration for me. I will pop over to see what the Friday meme brings. Wish I could see you at one of your signings. Best of luck.

  4. oh dear...snow
    this too shall pass
    chin up..smile
    it will come as sure as the Sun..this thing called Spring
    Your first photo was enchanting to me..so cozy

  5. O shucky darn, that dreaded Farch has struck again! Hopefully Spring will come to NS soon and chase away all that snow.

    Here in Dutchland we often have 4 seasons in one day and the only reliable thing about the weather is its unreliability. Today we have Spring, at least for now that the sun is out & the sky is blue. We could have sleet next. Or a heatwave. ;-)

    Like you I bring Spring indoors with loads of bulbs in flower and of course (Hello!Dutch) bunches of tulips.

    Enjoy your weekend, so glad that your new book is doing so well.

    Yolanda XX

  6. Learned two new words / expressions today -- Shucky Darn and Farch. Love 'em both.

    Oh how I long for spring.

    Your pictures are like a tonic. If only I had a "scratch and sniff" computer screen.

    Best wishes from Eastern Passage,


  7. I love that - Farch! Definitely a month that should go under an alias!

  8. Love the first pic - looks really cosy!


  9. This is the first winter in a long time that I haven't brought in branches for forcing. I'm regretting it! I'll leave them outside for now, since it won't be long before they bloom on their own out there. Hang in there, Jodi! Just a few more weeks and spring will be firmly entrenched for both of us!

    Big congrats on your book and how well it's doing!!

  10. Jodi, I'm thrilled to hear the book release is going so well for you. It's much deserved. I tried forcing some blooms and had lacklustre results with apples and roses but some last minute twigs cut from a mountain ash are unfurling wonderfully and I may even see some blooms yet!

  11. Winter won't hold on much longer! It is nice you can bring some sunshine and spring blossoms into your home, even if it's cold and dreary outside. Congratulations on your new book! i am glad it is going well.

  12. Beutiful photos :) I like the first one very much. it's in a odd way romantic. /Suss

  13. Spring is coming your way, Jodi. It will be there before you know it, but in the meantime I enjoy the virtual spring you give with each post you create.

  14. You are smart to bring in the branches and bulbs for forcing. I think just seeing flowers helps to know that spring will soon reach you. We've finally had a break from all the rain here, but it sounds like it'll be back again tonight. Our wet springs seem to last for many months here.

  15. It's Farch here in the PNW too, Jodi. Great if you like rain.

    I'm glad to hear the reception for your book is so favorable. Of course it would be.

  16. Jodi, first of all, congratulations on your new book! I wonder if it will be translated into Swedish...

    Secondly I was thrilled to find your amongst the participants of Blooming Friday - hopefully Farch will go away soon!

  17. We had a bit of snow here yesterday also and after a 70F day last Friday. Really, this month throws us curves and its lesson is always expect the unexpected. Great news on your book. Wish you could come to our Garden Club to give a talk. Maybe someday.

  18. Jodi,

    Congrats on the new book. It is really cool to follow the reviews of your book online and I'm going to buy it to support you. Love your work. Your pics remind me that every year I tell myself to plant shrubs I can force indoors and every year I forget. :o) Next year, next year.


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