12 January 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy kitty, sleepy hellebore buds, sleepy teasels


  1. Everything is asleep here too except me and I should be.

  2. Skies this blue are just about cold weather aren't they ? I think the cat has the right idea.

  3. If that hellebore is poking up now, than I am beyond jealous. I can barely see the red twigs of my dogwood under the snow. Actually, I think I'm more jealous of how content the cat looks.

  4. is it the shoes, the weather, the boredom, tiredness or the cool floor that make the cat having a sound sleep.

  5. Those teasels are so gorgeous with the white and blue backdrop. Gotta find me some this spring. Stay warm today!

  6. oh if only teasel would sleep more and procreate less
    beautful but stubborn invasives
    lovely winter color though I confess
    Your cat looks so content

  7. Looks like everybody is napping, but the kitty looks the most peaceful.

  8. Maybe we need to hibernate too! That sounds good to me. Just wake up when it's spring.


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