31 October 2009

Happy Halloweening from the kitties!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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If it's not one thing it's another. Been buried in work (which is good and fun and interesting and pays the bills) but also down-a-quart, healthwise. So I've been missing in action again. I told the catchildren they could do the post for Halloween but most of them weren't interested, being busy sleeping.

We don't get trick or treaters here now, because the local kids are all grown, & we're too rural for others to visit except from car. So we'll have a quiet evening of reading, whether online or actual books. And napping, in the case of the catchildren.

However, no Halloween is complete without a big black cat, so Rowdy Retread hopes everyone has a fun and safe day and evening. He isn't going trick or treating, but is good at supervising yard cleanups. And at having naps.

Mungus isn't so interested in candy treats, but he highly recommends pizza. Especially pizza that comes with a big box he can lay on afterwards for his post-pizza nap. (what's left of the pizza is in the fridge, incidentally).

I'll be back later with something more garden-related!


  1. A cute post Jody. Happy Halloween.

  2. Cute cat photos. I love to read other posts besides gardening.

  3. Cats and Halloween go hand in hand, the one on the pizza box looks so mischievous and satisfied.


  4. Ha!!! Classic shots, Jodi! Mungus on the pizza box is especially priecless. Everyone in our house loves pizza, from me (Silence) and our friend Ben through our German shepherd Shiloh and the cats (who seem to prefer the cheese and sauce to the crust) to our parrot Plutarch. I suspect we'd all like to curl up in that pizza box! Wishing you all a happy Hallowe'en and hoping you feel better soon!!!!

  5. The "catchildren" I love that! They're adorable. I'm a huge cat lover too. I love how they find the oddest things to sleep on. Pizza box, cute!

  6. I always love your catchildren posts, Jodi. Not being able to have a cat (thanks to Baylee, the cat-eating dog), I live the life of a cat owner vicariously through you and others. Keep those catchildren posts coming when you can!

  7. Love this post girl ! I was not myself the last 48 hours or so .. The upshot was I didn't get pictures of the girls in Halloween mode .. but I'm sure they would have showed off for your catclan there .. especially the pizza box thing .. seems to be a common thread ? LOL
    Hope you are feeling better ? .. this time of year can really punch with weather changes .. not even discussing this flu panic .. the media is to blame for that one !
    great pictures : )

  8. Jodi, I kind of wondered if you were just busy or something. Now we know. :-( I'm so sorry to hear that you're not your energetic self. I hope that changes SOON.

    I'm a big fan of LOLcats, too. I'm also a fan of the cats at your house! I love when you post pics of them.


  9. Love the catpix, Jodi! sorry to hear that you're down-a-quart. I hope you're well soon. with love, Duffi

  10. Hi Jodi, We never have Trick or Treaters climb up the driveway to visit our house...It's a mixed blessing...there is never any left over candy but, we never get to see the creative kid costumes. Sorry to hear that you've been ailing...travel and deadlines really are wearing. Take care, gail

  11. Hi, Jodi;
    Sorry to hear you're under the weather - here's hoping you feel better soon. Loved the kitty pictures!

  12. Cute post, jodi, and do hope you are feeling better soon. Happy Golden November!


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